An Insight into the Different Types of Toenail Fungus Cures

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Toenail fungus is an infection that goes through the cracks in the nails; it may even cut the skin sometimes. The skin gets thicker than the normal skin, and the color of the toenail also changes. The fungus can be very painful and can cause immense discomfort. Since most of the time the toe area remains warm and damp, it gets easy for the fungus to spread. There are different kinds of fungi and yeast which can affect the nail area. If it is not appropriately treated, the infection can spread to various parts of the body. The infected part of the nails gets thicker and changes its color. The infection can make the nails fragile as well. If the fungus infects under the nails, it can separate it from the bed and spreads to the skin. Men are more prone to get this fungus than women, and the elderly population is at a greater risk of contracting this infection than the rest. Also, people with diabetes or a weak immune system have greater chances to catch fungus. Even, a person who has to stay a lot of time in water can also get affected by this fungus. People addicted to smoking, or if someone in the family suffers from this infection, the individual is also vulnerable to a fungus attack.

Different types of toenail fungus cures

If someone starts treatment at the early stage by approaching a physician for a proper consultation for taking care of the infected area, they can contain the infection. A specialist like a podiatrist or a dermatologist will give a better opinion on such matter. The doctor might advise the individual to go in for a lab test before prescribing medications. The sooner you opt for treatments, the quicker would you get the desired results. The treatment depends on how bad the infection has spread, depending on the condition of the infected area the doctor may prescribe topical creams, or a nail lacquer or any antifungal prescription pill. Sometimes, the nail needs to be removed if the infection caused severe damage. The best way to keep the toe safe from such fungal infections is to wash the toe carefully with soap regularly. Also, the nails should be trimmed with clean tools. Wearing proper footwear is also vital and wearing clean socks is mandatory. It is important to wear anything which let the air passes. Taking proper care of toe will prevent future infections. People engaged in laborious work needs to take time out to change the socks and clean the footwear. Any dirty or unclean product can increase the chances of toenail fungus. The main thing is to keep the feet dry and clean. A major part of toenail fungus cures focuses on keeping the feet dry and clean.

One has to pay attention to the nails at regular intervals, any change in the color of the skin or hardening of the skin may be a symptom of fungal infections. If the toe is hurting or something causes irritations, it is advisable to consult a doctor immediately, before it gets too late. If not treated at the right time it can get challenging to find the right toenail fungus cure. It may take months to get rid of the pain.

Important facts regarding the fungus

Oral antifungal drugs are normally the first drugs prescribed by the doctors, as it clear the infections fast and can keep the nail free from infections. Usually, such drugs are taken for 6 to 12 weak for proper results. People below 65 years normally gets better benefits since the immune system are stronger than those above 65 years of age. But, there are side effects associated with intake of such drugs, it may affect the lungs or cause other skin rashes, so one needs to have a proper blood test at regular intervals. There many medicated nail polish in the market which also helps in reducing the fungus. If the polish is correctly applied over the affected area, the alcohol presence in the nail polish will cure the infection, and the result can be seen within a week. Similar kind of nail creams are also available and does the same job. Applying the cream on the hard skin will reduce the fungus and soften the skin after that. If the treatment is done at a later stage, the medicine may not function properly, and surgery will be the last option left. A temporary removal of the nail and applying the antifungal drugs on the skin can also be done. If the drug does not work well, then the nail has to be permanently removed so that the infection does not spread. Some of the home remedies can also come handy for managing such infections. Household products like baking soda or vinegar soak if properly applied with the proper direction it can give instant relief. Similarly, coconut oil is also a good option for curing toenail fungal infections. But before using any of the household remedies, it is recommended to trim the nails as much as possible for better results. If home remedies cannot take care of the problem, doctor’s recommendations is a must to start any kind of treatment, and with proper suggestions and advice from the specialist, such diseases can be dealt with ease.