All You Need to Know about Scabies Infestation


Scabies is an infestation caused by an itch mite known as Sarcoptes scabiei. It involves a high amount of itching, and this skin disease is a highly contagious one. Mites are parasites with small eight legs, and these tiny creatures make small holes to get into the skin which leads to severe itching. The itching tendency becomes really worse at night. You cannot see the scabies with your naked eyes and it can be seen only using a microscope or magnifying glass. These creatures only scrawl but they are incapable of jumping or flying. When the temperature levels are below 20-degree Celsius, they cannot move, but scabies can survive for an extended period of time even during hostile temperatures. If you want to know how this infection looks like, you can see a scabies rash photo online and it clearly reveals the exact nature of infestation. This problem is a worldwide phenomenon. Age, sex or race does not matter, and more than 300 million cases are being reported every year.

Causes of scabies
Skin contact is the most popular type of transmission and scabies remain very sensitive to the environment. It means that you get affected by this infestation when you are in close contact with an infected individual. It does not mean that you will get this infestation by shaking hands with an infected person or hanging your clothes next to an individual who is already an affected person. At the same time, you will get this skin disease easily with physical sexual contact. It is the most popular method of transmission when it comes to sexually active young people. Other types of physical contacts like a mother hugging her baby are adequate for spreading this infestation. Close relatives of the affected person are more vulnerable to this disease because of increased close contacts. If you have an itching sensation, you can check scabies rash photo online and then see a doctor. C

Symptoms of scabies
A skin rash comprising of tiny red bumps and blisters can be associated with scabies and it affects particular parts of the body. You can find this infestation on the webs between the fingers and back side of the elbow and wrists are other common areas. Some other body parts where scabies can be found include buttocks, genital area, feet, areas near the nipples, auxiliary folds, umbilicus, waist and knees. The bumps also known as papules can contain blood crusts. When it affects an individual, there can be around 10 to 15 active mites in his/her body and you can also have hundreds of pimples and bumps on the skin. You can also cross check with a scabies rash photo online before making a conclusion. When it comes to infants and children, the most vulnerable areas are feet soles, palms, neck, face, and head. Scabies is small threadlike projections and the length of these projections differ from 2 mm to 15 mm. They are visible like thin red, brown or gray lines in the affected areas. If you scratch on these areas, the burrows are destroyed and it results in opening the skin.

Additional symptoms
Scabies rash photo available online clearly reveals how a pimple or blister look like. The symptoms may not be visible for around two months after the mites entering your body. Although the symptoms may not be apparent, the infestation spreads during this period. When symptoms become visible, itching turns up as the most prominent one. You do not feel any pain but the itching tendency becomes really persistent and relentless. This situation worsens over a period of time and during the night; the itching becomes almost unbearable. The itch can be subtle for the first few weeks and it becomes more and more severe as time goes by. Within a month or more, you will not be able to sleep because of the intensely itchy skin. Itch can be associated with other skin conditions like eczema but they do not go to the extent of disturbing your sleep. On the other hand, scabies makes sleep almost impossible and lack of adequate sleep can result in other health complications. By checking a scabies rash photo, you can treat the right disease with right consultation and treatment.

Treatment options
You can make use of prescription scabicide drugs to find a solution to this problem. You cannot find a perfect over-the-counter medication for this infestation. It is actually a parasitic infestation and antibiotics may not find that much effective. Mite-killers such as permethrin can be applied overnight, and you can wash off in the morning. It has to be repeated for seven days. Kids above two months of age can use this cream and it is a safe and effective option for treating scabies. Make sure you see a doctor before you self-medicate. Another option available is to use Lindane and it has to be washed away after 8 hours. You should not use Lindane when the skin shows irritation because it may cause seizures when absorbed through the skin. Oral medications such as Ivermectin can also be used and other options include Crotamiton lotion and sulfur in petrolatum.

You have to wait for a few days to get relief after starting the treatment and considerable improvement can be experienced after 7 to 15 days. If you still confused, check for a scabies rash photo online and then go a doctor.