9 Tips on How to Treat Hemorrhoids

Home Remedies

Hemorrhoids, or piles, are one of the most common conditions experienced by people in the US. Causing mild to severe discomfort, hemorrhoids affect the veins present in rectum and anus. People suffering from this condition get swollen veins in the affected area and complain of rectal bleeding, itching, as well as pain. Though both external and internal hemorrhoids lead to discomfort, internal hemorrhoids are slightly difficult to heal. Yet, proper diet along with some home remedies can help in curing the condition in a short time. If you are looking for simple ways to treat hemorrhoids, the following few tips can be helpful.

Aloe vera – Having an aloe vera plant in your garden is a great boon. Fresh aloe vera gel obtained from the leaves can work wonders to treat hemorrhoids. Extract the gel from the leaves and apply on the affected region to get a soothing effect. The anti-inflammatory properties of the gel will help in curing the condition in a few days, if applied regularly. Though obtaining fresh gel from plants is always a better choice, you need not be disappointed if you cannot find one in your garden. You can go to the medical stores and get aloe vera gel for your treatment.

Cold compress – Sitting can be a great ordeal for people suffering from hemorrhoids. Yet, the condition can be relieved to some extent by applying ice packs on the affected area. Ice packs can be applied for multiple times in a day. Therefore, you can get it any time you want.

Witch hazel – This is also another excellent home remedy to treat hemorrhoids and also the pain as well as itching associated with piles. Rich in anti-inflammatory properties, it can help in reducing the swelling faster than any other home remedies. To get the best results, you need to apply the liquid properly on the affected region. Apart from that, you can also use soaps and wipes containing witch hazel.

Taking warm bath – People with hemorrhoids often take warm bath for soothing the condition to some extent. You can also do the same. For the best results, it is recommended to mix some Epsom salt in the water. Depending on your preference, you can either take complete bath or get a tub, which fits on your toilet seat and sit on it for some time. This will help in soothing the affected veins and curing the condition. For faster result, it will be ideal to take warm bath for at least 20 minutes after each bowel movement.

Use wipes – Toilet papers often worsen hemorrhoids, especially when it is an exterior one. Therefore, if you’re wondering how to treat hemorrhoids, instead of using toilet papers, it is better to use wipes to clean yourself after every bowel movement. However, the wipes should be purchased carefully and must be free from irritants, perfumes, or alcohol.

Dietary changes – Hemorrhoids are often caused in people who do not follow a proper diet plan. If you want to know how to treat hemorrhoids from within, it is always recommended to follow a healthy food pattern and reduce the intake of spicy foods. Spices and junk foods can harden your stool, which in turn can worsen the condition. It is also recommended to avoid iron rich foods as these are also known for aggravating the condition. Taking high fiber foods can help in softening your stool and heal the swollen veins slowly.

Water is important – Keeping your body hydrated is very important if you want to heal the condition faster. Therefore, it is must for you to drink at least 3 liters of water every day. Apart from that, you can also drink juices and health drinks. However, it will be better to stay away from caffeine drinks or alcoholic beverages, as this can aggravate the condition and delay the healing process.

Dress matters – Light cotton clothes is always a better choice for anyone who is wondering how to treat hemorrhoids. It is also wise to wear loose clothes, which helps the skin to breathe.

Over-the-counter pills and ointments- If the above mentioned home remedies do not help in reducing the pain or swelling, you can rely on the ointments over the counter. Apply them on the affected area as per direction to treat hemorrhoids. Pain killer tablets can be taken in case of excess pain in the area. You can also rely on stool softeners as well for easing the pain during bowel movement.

Hemorrhoids or piles generally heal on their own in around two weeks. Yet, you should take a healthy diet even after the condition is healed. In case, home remedies are not effective and the condition worsens even after taking adequate care, you may need to consult a doctor to know how to treat hemorrhoids. Medical examinations are conducted for people with severe conditions and surgical cure might be necessary in some cases.