8 Simple Tips to Treat an Eczema Rash

Home Remedies

The exact causes of eczema have not yet been identified. The recent research suggests that this skin condition is triggered by a blend of several factors including environmental and genetic. Environmental factors such as low humidity make your skin itchy and dirty and overexposure to dirt can lead to eczema. If your skin comes into contact with harsh chemicals, perfumes and soaps can cause irritation to the skin and over a period of time; these things can also result in eczema. Major symptoms of this skin condition are inflamed skin, scaly areas, excess itching, swelling, recurring skin rashes, patches of dark color, oozing and crusting as well. What are the best eczema rash treatment options available?

Proper skin care and lifestyle changes
Fundamentally speaking, proper skin care is vital to eczema rash treatment. If you are suffering from mild symptoms, this is what exactly you need and it should be combined with some lifestyle changes to get maximum protection.

Give importance to soap and moisturizer
A mild soap that does not create a drying effect on your skin must be used. It is always advisable to a use a cream ointment or lotion that offers excellent moisturizing effect on the skin. After having a bath, you need to apply it on your skin.

Take baths with water containing bleach
If you are experiencing severe eczema, you must take baths using water that contains a small quantity of bleach. This approach kills the bacteria that thrive in the affected area. Short warm showers also help and you should take care not to use hot water and take long showers to prevent the drying of the skin.

Effective stress management
Stress aggravates eczema and you need to manage stress effectively to control the skin rash. Performing regular exercise is a good option and you must find time to relax as well. It is good to get engaged in activities like mingling with friends, listening to music, practicing meditation, and performing yoga.

Seek the help of a dermatologist
If your symptoms do not go away with these methods, you have to consult with a doctor. Several doctors recommend hydrocortisone to treat eczema rashes. You can find over-the-counter ointments or creams and they are highly effective in controlling the rashes. If you are experiencing the severe condition, you might need a prescription dose. Oral medications like antihistamines offer good results and a good number of medications can make you feel drowsy. Some doctors advocate the use of corticosteroids. It is a good option if other types of eczema rash treatments do not bring results and you need to follow the guidelines of the doctor strictly while using these medications.

Effective home remedies
You must focus on methods that removing the factors causing the allergic reaction. It is the simplest way to control the rashes. You should avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes and scratchy or rough dresses must also be avoided. Another important thing is to refrain from scratching the rash. If the tendency to scratch is unavoidable, the affected area has to be covered with a dressing. You can wear gloves while sleeping to prevent scratching.

Use jojoba oil
Jojoba oil is a wonderful option for eczema rash treatment. It cannot be described as oil. Jojoba oil is actually a liquid wax and it has the capability to penetrate through the skin deeply. The molecular structure of this oil has close similarities with your skins natural sebum. The long chain of fatty alcohols and acids promote the healing in the best way and you can enjoy excellent moisturizing effects. Moreover, Jojoba oil is not at all harmful to the skin. After washing your hands using water, you must pat them dry. Then, Jojoba oil should be applied on the rashes and massaged in a gentle way. You have to make sure that the skin absorbs the oil partially and it can be used three times a day.

Apply coconut oil
Coconut oil offers a wide range of benefits to your skin. It goes deep into your skin. When there is not adequate moisture is not available on your skin, intracellular space gets opened up. The coconut oil fills the intercellular space to help your body retain moisture. This oil is a lipid and the presence of oils and fats offer maximum protection from drying. Frequent use of coconut oil always helps in eczema rash treatment. First of all, you need to wash your hands and then, they should be pat dried. The coconut oil has to be rubbed onto the affected areas and the oil should be allowed to dry.

Eczema can be classified into different categories and they include atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, dyshidrotic eczema, hand eczema, neurodermatitis, nummular eczema and stasis dermatitis. Na matter what type of eczema you have; you can combine the medications, home remedies, and lifestyle changes to make eczema rash treatment fast and effective.