8 Popular Dry Skin Treatments Worth Trying

Home Remedies

Skin care treatments vary with age, gender, season, skin type, an individual’s tendencies, and several other factors. This is probably why the same skin care ritual may not work for everyone. When humidity drops, the dry winter air tends to make the skin dry, flaky, irritated and itchy. This is usually when people tend to alter their skin care routine with the changing season. Apart from the effects of seasonal changes on the skin, some people are born with naturally dry skin. While extremely dry or dehydrated skin can cause a lot of discomforts, the good news is that simple skin care treatments can revitalize and soothe the skin rather quickly. Here are a few dry sin treatments best for people who struggle with the condition every year.

Home remedies
While several people swear by store-bought creams and solutions as one of the most effective dry skin treatments, many consider home remedies the best. Although home remedies as dry skin treatments may not essentially work for all, it is one of the safest solutions to the condition. Many specialists who vouch for home remedies recommend coconut oil as an excellent solution for dry skin. Coconut oil especially works in cases when environmental changes cause dry skin. An emollient that is present in coconut oil is known to fill the spaces between skin cells and recreate a smooth surface by hydrating the skin. The best thing about using coconut is that it is safe for everyday use. Apart from coconut oil, many experts recommend mineral oil and oatmeal baths for healthy skin. Milk is another effective and soothing remedy to cure itchy and dry skin. Lactic acid in the milk acts as an excellent exfoliating agent that successfully removes dead skin and retains necessary moisture. Yogurt is another great antioxidant that reduces inflammation and hydrates the skin. For people who have sensitive skin, honey acts as a natural moisturizer. Applying honey all over the body just before bathing can leave you with a well-moisturized skin daily.

Buy quality moisturizers
Natural remedies may not work in extreme cases, buying some of the effective dry skin treatments may help. Some of the popular dry skin moisturizers include Weleda Skin Food, Dermasil Labs Dry Skin Treatment Original Lotion, CeraVe Moisturizing Cream, St. Ives Timeless Skin Facial Moisturizer, Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm. Since most of these moisturizers are rich in plant butter and oils, antioxidants, aquaporins, and the like, these can be used generously on the dry, scaly, and itchy skin.

Try to avoid frequent showers
Bathing further dehydrates the skin leaving it itchy and irritated. Avoiding long hot water showers and limiting your bathing time can prevent dry skin from worsening. Bathe with a mild cleanser and avoid the use of shower gels that form a thick lather. Post-shower, it is important that you blot dry with a towel and slather enough moisturizer onto the dry skin. Since moisturizing the skin with ointments, lotions, and creams help dry skin from aggravating. Additionally, it is important that you devote some time to apply a suitable moisturizer over your body.

An ointment may work better than a lotion
While lotions are manufactured to moisturize the skin, they may produce grease that could cause irritation. Ensure you pick ointments or non-greasy moisturizers that have a substantial proportion of jojoba or olive oil extracts as these may act as the best dry skin treatments. It is wise to choose the moisturizer that has some active and fast-acting hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, lanolin, mineral oil, urea, dimethicone, glycerin, and petrolatum.

Pick gentle, unscented skin care products
Often many skin care products end up being too harsh for regular use, it is, therefore, best that you use skin care products that are alcohol-free, odorless, and free of irritants like alpha-hydroxy, retinoids, and the like. Avoiding these ingredients will efficiently help retain the moisture from your skin.

Find milder laundry detergents
Dry skin can get too sensitive, and any sudden contact with harsh agents may, therefore, cause irritation. It is essential that you avoid buying detergents that are potential of causing irritation. A good way to prevent this would be buying detergents that are ‘hypoallergenic’.

Avoid direct contact with rough fabrics
Any friction can worsen dry skin. To ensure you do not aggravate the condition, it is recommended that you avoid direct contact with rough clothes made of wool and wear these only over cotton or silk clothing. Also make sure you wear gloves and do not expose raw skin to chemicals, grease or even the dry winter air outdoors.

Avoid the skin from further drying up
Often sitting by the fireplace or a constant heating source can dehydrate your skin, causing extreme dryness. One of the most popular dry skin treatments, in this case, would be plugging in a humidifier.