8 Natural Ways to Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Home Remedies

The fast-growing lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits have all led to the rising of blood sugar levels. It is seen that high blood sugar can be treated by regular exercise and intake of a healthy meal. There are a number of treatment options that can help to keep your blood sugar under check. High blood sugar is the condition wherein the body’s ability to use or produce insulin gets affected.

If you too are continuously finding ways on how to lower blood sugar levels and do not want to get treated using medicines, then here are a few ways of you can reduce it.

Stay hydrated
It is always advisable to drink water as much as possible. Drinking ample water helps in keeping the blood sugar levels under control. Also, if you drink enough water, the kidneys will flush out excess blood sugar from the body. It should be kept in mind that beverages that are sweet or sugar-sweetened water is not good for health as it raises the chances of diabetes and also drives weight gain.

Increase the fiber intake in your daily diet
Fiber is seen as an important constituent that plays a crucial role in sugar absorption. It also helps in slowing the process of carb digestion. There are different types of fiber and each one has a distinct role to play. The two types of fiber are soluble and insoluble. While both of these are equally important for the body, the soluble fiber has blood sugar lowering qualities. So, ensure that you have a high-fiber diet that not only fights against type 1 diabetes but also actively reduces high blood sugar. Some of the foods that are high in fiber include legumes, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, to name a few. Doctors too recommended having soluble dietary fiber as an effective home remedy to lower blood sugar levels.

Include foods rich in magnesium and chromium
There have been reports that say high blood sugar is linked to nutrient deficiencies. Nutrients such as chromium and magnesium affects the levels of blood sugar in the body. Therefore, it is necessary to plan a daily diet that includes food items that are rich in these nutrients.

Consumer green tea at least twice a day
Green tea is unfermented and contains high level of polyphenol. It is due to this component that green tea has strong antioxidant effects that helps in lowering blood sugar levels naturally. One can consume green tea at least twice a day.

Exercise regularly
Exercise can keep you stay fit throughout the day. You can either workout at home or keep your body calm by yoga. Doctors also advise consuming green tea and exercising regularly to keep oneself fit. You can either jog, ride a bicycle, walk for an hour or two daily, to do so.

Making a few lifestyle changes can be more effective than medicines
Medicines alone would not help you to lower your blood sugar. If you are wondering how to lower blood sugar levels, then you must know that a lot of things goes into it. Right from changing your diet plan and accommodating more fiber-rich foods to shedding a few extra pounds can effectively help in lowering the blood sugar levels. You should know which are the things in your daily routine that have an adverse effect on your blood sugar levels. Giving up on smoking and alcohol would also make a huge difference in lowering the blood sugar levels. This will help you keep a check on what you are eating, how much are you exercising, and more!

Banish stress from your life
Stress has reportedly been one of the main reasons why most of the diseases are not cured. So, it is a must to de-stress yourself and keep yourself calm. Meditation is the best form of releasing stress out of the body. You can meditate daily for 30 minutes, which will also help you to compensate for exercise, if you skip your workout someday.

Getting adequate sleep is a must
Not many of us know that insufficient sleep makes the body ineffective at using insulin. Getting eight-to-nine hours of sleep per night is a must. You might be busy working late hours in your office, but if you want to know one of the secrets behind how to lower your blood sugar levels, a good night’s sleep is the one. Lack of sleep also leads to poor eating habits and imbalanced metabolism and energy levels that do not help in lowering the blood sugar levels.

Lowering blood sugar levels naturally is no more a rocket science. You can easily deal with the condition by following some simple lifestyle changes and following a healthy diet. Keep these eight ways handy and do not forget to check your blood sugar levels regularly.