8 Effective Remedies for Treating Enlarged Prostate Symptoms

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An enlarged prostate is one of the complex problems in men. The prostate serves the fertility function in men and is situated between the bladder and the penis. With the condition of an enlarged prostate, men find it difficult to do almost anything. This problem normally affects men above 40 as a natural process of aging, as the hormone secreted by them is reduced in the prostate. Lack of exercise and family history are the other two causes of an enlarged prostate. Below are symptoms of an enlarged prostate:

Urine frequency: A person, on an average, urinates about 6–7 times a day. In the condition of an enlarged prostate, the person may tend to urinate more than 8 times a day. This is because the prostate starts to secrete very little female hormones that the male produces, as there is a blockage in the secretion of the male hormone.

Urinary blockage: Another major symptom of enlarged prostate is urinary blockage as the prostate gland becomes enlarged, blocking the functions of the bladder.

Nerve problem: Due to an enlarged prostate gland, there could be a disruption of nerves between the brain and the bladder, in such a way that the brain fails to read the messages by the bladder, thereby leading to uncontrollable urination.

Infection: A sudden infection in that area is another symptom of an enlarged prostate. The infection causes a burning sensation and you can start itching uncontrollably. This shows up as a swelling of the prostate gland and makes it difficult for the person to perform routine tasks.

Medications: Other causes can also be certain medicines that do not suit your body type and result in damaging the prostate. There are certain medications that disturb the functions of the urinary system, causing an enlarged prostate.

Remedies for enlarged prostate
Saw palmetto
Saw palmetto is a natural remedy for enlarged prostate. It comes from a palm tree and is generally taken with milk or water. Studies showed that saw palmetto does not only help in solving urinary problems but also assists in problems associated with the prostate gland. Since this is one of the best natural remedies for enlarged prostate, it has no side effects and can be considered as an inactive pill. Saw palmetto is used mainly because is safe and cost-efficient.

Alpha blockers
Alpha blockers are not meant to change the size of the penis but relax the muscles around the prostate area. This helps in reducing the swelling of the penis. These drugs are prescribed by doctors as a basic medication to reduce the enlarged prostate gland, as they have fewer side effects compared to other medications. Alpha blockers are effective within a day or two and is one of the most effective remedies for enlarged prostate.

Ryegrass pollen extract
Corn, Timothy, and rye are the three ingredients which make up the pollen extract. Studies have shown that men taking this mixture have observed improvements in the symptoms as compared to those who haven’t tried the mixture. It helps in controlling the functions of the urinary system and cleans up the bladder.

Finasteride can help the prostate gland to shrink, thereby controlling the enlarged penis. However, this drug is not the best-recommended remedy for an enlarged prostate as it causes harmful side effects and can lead to a natural reduction in the penis size.

There are no recommended foods to prevent enlarged prostate but a healthy diet can help curb the symptoms. Foods that are rich in zinc and vitamin C ensures accurate functioning of the prostate gland and the urinary system, thereby preventing an enlarged prostate. Vegetables and drinking moderate level of alcohol can also be helpful.

Stinging nettle
Stinging nettle when touched accidentally can cause intense pain, but in Europe, this is used as a medication for enlarged prostate. Nettle has the properties to control the growth of the prostate gland, thereby preventing it from swelling. This can also be used in combination with saw palmetto and is one of the most effective remedies for enlarged prostate.

Exercise daily
Regular exercise is one of the best remedies for enlarged prostate by preventing the symptoms. Being overweight adds to the enlargement of the prostate, compared to someone who is fit and active. This can be achieved by healthy diet, lifestyle, and regular exercises.

5 alpha inhibitors
This is a medication prescribed by doctors and studies show improvement in symptoms after a long period of time. They help to shrink the prostate after 6–12 months but is considered to be one of the best remedies for enlarged prostate.

There is a range of remedies for enlarged prostate, you must use the one that suits you. In most cases, natural remedies are considered, as drugs have large side effects that may cause long-term harm to your body. Age of the person and the size of the prostate gland are also taken into consideration, while treating an enlarged prostate. There are severe cases where surgery is performed; however, this is usually considered after all the options have been exhausted.