7 Natural Cures for Overactive Bladder


The urge of frequent urination is often considered to be a symptom of type 2 diabetes. Though the increased frequency of urination is a condition commonly associated with increased blood sugar level, it is not just the lone cause. People with overactive bladder problem also need to urinate at frequent intervals as their bladder loses the capacity of retaining urine for prolong period. In most of the cases, people get this condition with age, yet some also develop it as a side-effect of some disease. Whatever be the reason, medication can help in dealing with the problem to some extent. However, a majority of patients these days are searching for natural cures for overactive bladder instead of relying on the prescription pills.

Change in diet – The natural cures for overactive bladder are the best choice for complete treatment of the condition, as it heals the conditions from within. Before taking any herbal supplements or medication, it is important to take care of the diet. Foods like artificial sweeteners, chocolate, spicy dishes and even tomatoes should be avoided by people with overactive bladder as these worsen the condition. Apart from that, patients should also maintain abstinence from alcohol, caffeine, citrus juices or fruits, cranberry juice, dairy products, corn syrup, fizzy drinks or soda, vinegar as well as sugar and honey. The effect of the abovementioned foods may vary from one person to other. Therefore, it is better to maintain a strict watch on the diet to understand what is triggering the condition.

Monitor fluid intake – As the fluid retaining capacity of bladder decreases, it is better to restrict the consumption of liquids. Drink water as much as you need and stay away from juices or any other fluids. This will help in healing the bladder condition gradually, which in the long run will increase the capacity of fluid retention. However, do not completely restrict water intake as it will lead to irritable bladder syndrome. Not just the amount, the time of fluid consumption is also important. Drink as much as possible in the daytime till evening and reduce the intake slowly from late evening. Drinking ample of water before bedtime may hamper your sound sleep.

Maintain your weight – Dietary changes and fluid monitoring play a crucial role in improving the bladder condition. However, excess weight may hamper the treatment process. Therefore, you should always maintain a healthy weight and workout every day to check the deposition of excess flab.

Improve your lifestyle – In many cases, the modern lifestyle is found responsible for different diseases. Even though overactive bladder is not directly caused due to a modern lifestyle, an improper routine can make an adverse effect on the bladder. Therefore, bring changes in your everyday life and make a routine that you can follow to improve your bladder condition. While alcohol and caffeine drinks are strict no for a patient with overactive bladder, smoking is also harmful.

Schedule and delay the urination process – To try natural cures for overactive bladder, you will have to maintain a log of urination. Once you know the frequency of urination, you need to delay it slowly. Initially, start by delaying the urination time by 10 minutes and increase it with each passing day. For instance, if you need to empty your bladder every 45 minutes, try to make it 55 minutes for the first day, then to an hour and further, till the condition becomes normal.

Practice double void technique – This is one of the proven natural cures for overactive bladder treatment and involves some simple techniques. You need to go to the toilet as usual and lean slightly forward on the seat. Then, keep hands on thighs or knees before urinating. Do not get up from the seat after urinating. Sit for another 30 seconds and lean a bit forward before urinating again.

Herbs for treating overactive bladder – Apart from following the techniques mentioned above, you can also rely on some herbs to treat the condition. Capsaicin is considered to be one of the most inexpensive and easily available remedies for overactive bladders. Just increase the intake of chili peppers in your diet. Ganoderma lucidum is also another popular and effective natural cure for overactive bladder. This slowly cures the tissues present in the urinary bladder, which in turn helps in retaining urine.

Corn silk and pumpkin seed extracts are also useful for treating the condition of overactive bladder. Studies have proven that intake of these two herbal remedies has helped in dealing with nighttime urination successfully. Apart from this, Gosha-jinki-gan, which is a Chinese remedy can also bring positive changes.

Relying on the above-mentioned natural cures for overactive bladder syndrome is a good choice. However, one should not practice any random medication. To get the best results, one should consult a health practitioner and get a proper diagnosis of the condition.