7 Effective and Natural Ways for Boosting Testosterone


The primary male sex hormone is known as testosterone. A woman’s body also contains a small amount of this hormone. This hormone is created in the testicles of a man and the ovary of a woman. Adrenal glands produce small amounts of this hormone too. Testosterone is the hormone that drives physical changes such as the growth of the hair, voice change, and muscle development during the puberty stage in a boy. This hormone is needed in the adulthood phase and old age as well. One has to maintain optimal qualities of this hormone to ensure good health and body composition; it also plays a vital role in making your body resistant to diseases and improving sexual function. If you do not wish to consume any supplements, the following are some natural testosterone boosters you can try.

Follow a good stress management technique
Many people have become victims of unwanted stress. When you feel stressed all the time, your body produces high amounts of the stress hormone called cortisol. It adversely affects the ability of your body to produce testosterone. You need to manage your stress well by following the right techniques to keep the right amount of testosterone in your body. Workload needs to be reduced and practicing meditation or yoga helps you manage work-related stress. You have to follow a good exercise regime daily and getting engaged in relaxing activities such as listening music and reading motivational books lower your stress to promote the production of testosterone effectively.

Cross check your medications
Several research studies show that certain medications such as Opioid drugs and Glucocorticoid drugs reduce the testosterone levels available in your body. If you are taking any such medications, you should not stop them abruptly. It is always advisable to consult with your doctor before making any changes. If there is an indication that your testosterone levels are dropping, you must discuss this aspect with the doctor and find out whether the medications are the reason for the drop. Necessary adjustments must be made under the supervision of your doctor.

Ensure that you are getting adequate sleep
Lack of good sleep is one of the most important causes of poor testosterone levels. If you do not get proper sleep, the hormone balance in your body gets disturbed. Quite naturally, a negative impact is created for the production of testosterone. You need to sleep seven to eight hours every night, and if there are adjustments to be made to ensure this, you must do it immediately.

Maintain optimal levels of Vitamin D
Vitamin D is a very critical steroid hormone, and it plays a very important role in developing the nucleus of the sperm cell. Without an adequate amount of this vitamin, you cannot maintain sperm count and semen quality. Vitamin D is needed to improve the testosterone levels that enhance your libido. Proper sun exposure offers a good amount of vitamin D, and you can also take vitamin D supplements.

Increase zinc intake
Zinc is one of the most important minerals that play a very vital role in increasing testosterone production. When your consumption of zinc-rich sources comes down, you are going to experience a drastic reduction in testosterone. Your diet has to promote zinc consumption, and a balance should be created with protein-rich foods such as fish and meat. Other prominent sources of zinc are beans, raw cheese, yogurt, kefir, and raw milk. Overcooking the food reduces the quantity of zinc, and you have to strike a balance when it comes to cooking. There are high-quality zinc supplements are available in the market, and they are also a good option to increase zinc intake.

Use natural testosterone boosters
Natural herbs increase the testosterone levels in a highly efficient way, and you can also reduce cortisol effectively. Ginger extract is another natural source that you can rely on and it also enhances your overall health.

Manage a healthy lifestyle with a focus on high-intensity strength training
Regular consumption of alcohol and drug reduces the ability of your body to produce testosterone. A balanced diet is necessary to maintain the perfect hormone balance, and you should exercise regularly to ensure optimal production of testosterone. Strength training always increases testosterone levels if you give adequate importance to the intensely. When you do weight training, you should go slower. If the movements are slowed down, you are converting weight training into high-intensity exercises. Performing exercises with a focus on maintaining high intensity promote an enhanced production of testosterone.

Since healthy testosterone levels are important for both men and women, you must make the necessary changes in your diet, lifestyle, and medications to ensure optimal production of this hormone.