6 Simple Home Remedies for Constipation

Home Remedies

Constipation may become a long-term problem if not treated on time. It makes you feel uneasy, and constipation interferes with your daily activities. If this problem remains unattended, you are putting yourself vulnerable to a lot of health complications as well.

Lemon juice offers immediate results
Fresh lemon is a good remedy for constipation. It is a well-known fact that lemon contains a lot of citric acid. Lemon juice is a wonderful, stimulating agent for your digestive system and it assists you in flushing out toxins effectively. When you are suffering from indigestion, you can expect the buildup of undigested materials on the walls of the colon. You have to mix juice with water to reduce the intensity of the lemon flavor, and it should be consumed to get the fluids your body requires to restore the normal functioning. This method offers immediate results. You must get the juice of one lemon, and it should be combined with 1 cup of water before consuming it.

Be active to get rid of constipation
Lack of activity can aggravate constipation easily. If you want the foodstuff to move smoothly through your system, you have to be active. Everybody knows that sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits are two important reasons for constipation. If you are sitting most of the time, constipation can last longer. There are many scientific pieces of evidence available that inactive lifestyle worsens constipation. You must perform some stretching exercises in the morning or evening and a brisk walk for half an hour can also fetch relief from constipation.

Add fiber-rich foods to your diet
Following a healthy diet solves all your problems including constipation. Your body knows how to process grains, vegetables, fruits and veggies than processing artificial processed foods that do not pass in an easy manner. You must increase the fiber intake using natural foods, and it is going to stop your toilet suffrage. Fiber works like a sponge to draw water from the surrounding areas and softens stool by adding bulk to it. In such a situation, constipation is not going to stick for a very long time. Fibers can be classified into two categories, and they include soluble fiber and nonsoluble fiber. Soluble fiber like beans can lead to constipation, and you must drink a lot of water while consuming these types of soluble fibers. It is absolutely essential to increase your insoluble fiber intake to eliminate constipation, and the best sources of insoluble fibers are nuts, fruits, vegetables, potatoes, whole grain bread, and berries. You can also use fiber supplements to get rid of constipation.

Get some natural laxatives
Flaxseed oil is an excellent constipation home remedy. It works as a coating agent on the intestine walls and also on the stool. The number of bowel movements can also be increased with this oil. You can mix this oil with orange juice to fight against constipation. Oranges contain a lot of fiber, and this combination works wonders. What you need to do is to mix one tablespoon of flaxseed oil with one glass of orange juice and drink this mixture. Consuming this mixture offers excellent results within 5 to 6 hours.

Baking soda is a good option
Baking soda is one of the popular and easy home remedies to prevent constipation. This versatile option offers good results 95% of the time. It brings relief from constipation and tummy aches in a speedy manner. Since baking soda is a bicarbonate substance, it removes the gas with great efficiency and brings relief from pain. Baking soda also creates a re-alkalizing effect on the stomach by neutralizing the acid and passing stool becomes an uncomplicated process. ¼ cup warm water must be mixed with one teaspoon baking soda and drink this mixture.

Consume prunes
Prunes can be described as a classic home remedy for constipation. This fruit is a wonderful natural laxative, and it contains sorbitol and high amounts of fiber. Since sorbitol is a natural carbohydrate that is not easily ingested, softening effect on the stools is created. It draws a lot of water while passing through the intestines and the much-needed bulk to stool is added. The best method of consumption is to drink one glass prune juice each in the morning and night. Results can be experienced within a few hours. You should not overdo it because adequate time should be given for one glass to pass through the intestines. When you take excess amount of prune juice, you may have to deal with diarrhea. Instead of taking juice, you can consume several prunes as well.

Other popular home remedies for constipation include taking a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice and consuming a combination of molasses and warm water. There are some laxatives available in the market, and you can also use a top quality laxative to find relief from constipation.