6 Penis Enlargement Techniques That Can Be Effective


According to a study conducted by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), nearly 15,414 penis enlargement surgeries are done globally. It has been observed that the demand for penis enlargement techniques has increased since 2011. Although the reason for this is not clear, it seems that penis enlargement surgery is one of the most popular choices when it comes to aesthetic surgeries for men.

The desire to enhance or tweak a part of the body is quite an intrinsic part of human behavior. It is not uncommon for people to want to physically change their bodies to fit into the popularly accepted norm of perfection. Driven by this want and demand, medical science has come up with techniques such as creams, oils, capsules, and surgeries to enhance any body part including the penis. The motivation behind undergoing any penis enlargement technique has been an expected enhancement in sexual performance.

However, there might be rare cases, when the need for penis enlargement is more than cosmetic. In either case, the results of penis enlargement techniques differ depending on the health condition and other factors. Although it is quite debatable whether penis enlargement techniques really give the results they promise, there are a few enhancement techniques that have been known to be quite popular. Here are some of the popular penis enlargement techniques:

  • Losing weight: Often being overweight can lead to the perception that the penis is not the right size as it ought to be. It appears disproportionate compared to the rest of the body. Being overweight has also been known to have a undesired effect on the function and performance of the penis. By losing excess weight, the shaft hidden beneath excess body fat will be more apparent. Although losing weight does not actually increase the size, it does give an appearance of an enlarged penis.
  • Using vacuum pumps: Occasionally used to treat erectile dysfunction, the vacuum pump is a cylindrical device. Its use involves putting the penis in the vacuum cylinder, which will draw excess blood. To keep the blood from going back into the body, a ring (similar to a tourniquet) is clamped to the penis. This is supposed to make the organ erect and increase its size. The use of this penis enlargement device is recommended to be used for not for than 20–30 minutes since an excess use can lead to tissue damage and other health complications. Consult a doctor before using any penis enlargement penis pumps.
  • Penis enlargement surgery: Surgeries are done to either lengthen or widen the size of the penis. Widening is done by implanting silicone, tissue grafts, or fat in the penis. This is somewhat quite rare. Penis enlargement techniques that lengthen the size involve cutting the ligament connecting the penis to the pelvic bone. This reveals the hidden shaft rather than actually enlarging the penis. Another technique is to partially disconnect the scrotum that is attached to the shaft of the penis. The second method has been known to be a low-risk method. Undergoing any of these procedures should be precluded by a thorough consultation with a medical professional.
  • Penis enlargement pills: One of the most popular penis enlargement techniques is taking male enhancement or penis enlargement pills. These pills claim not only an increase in the size of the penis but also boost performance, sperm count, and stamina. While opting for penis enlargement pills, it is good to consult a doctor to avoid any negative side-effects. Always buy products approved by the FDA and verify that they do not contain any ingredients banned by the FDA. Check customer reviews before buying any of these pills. Some popular pills include Naturamax Penis Enlargement Pills, VigRX Plus, and Vimax.
  • Penis enlargement creams and oils: Using creams and oils is one of the topical penis enlargement techniques. These claim to give instant results the natural way by absorbing ingredients directly into the bloodstream through the skin. These are generally used for quick-fix results. Many of these creams and oils are based on natural ingredients such as arginine, fruit extracts, olive oil extracts, and aloe vera extracts. Before using any penis enlargement creams or oils, it is necessary to do a thorough research and check customer reviews to verify the effectiveness of the product. Some of the popular penis enlargement cream and oils are Lanthome Herbal Penis Oil, ProSolution Gel, ViMulti Male Enhancement and Duration Cream, and Viamax Maximum Gel Male Enhancement Gel.
  • Natural extracts: The effect of natural extracts have not been clinically proven. However, the use of products based on natural extracts is a popular penis enhancement technique. Some of the commonly used natural extracts are epimedium leaf extract, Muira Pauma bark extract, ginkgo leaf, Asian red ginseng, saw palmetto berry, Catuaba bark extract, Cuscuta seeds, and so on. All of these natural extracts have been known to be used for enhancing stamina, vitality, and performance as well.