5 Natural Remedies for Treating Prostate Enlargement


The gland wrapped around the urethra is known as the prostate gland. The shape of this gland is pretty similar to a walnut, and it is an integral part of man’s reproductive system. The main responsibility of this gland is to add fluid known as semen to the sperm. This gland is very small in the case of a child and it gets bigger as the male ages. If the prostate gland grows disproportionately and becomes excessively large, you would have to deal with a disease called BPH also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia. An enlarged prostate blocks or restricts the urine flow from the bladder. This results in problems like urinary tract infections and frequent urination.

Prostate enlargement treatment options
There are different types of prostate enlargement treatments options available. You can take alpha-blocker drugs to control the growth and the most common alpha-blocker drug is Terazosin also known as Hytrin. This medication relaxes the prostate muscles. If you are suffering from chronic prostatitis, you need to consult your doctor who may recommend antibiotics. Medications, such as dutasteride or finasteride, can also be taken to reduce the symptoms of BPH. Surgery is an option for removing the extra prostate tissue. The most common surgical procedure is called transurethral resection.

Natural remedies as an option for prostate enlargement treatment
You can find a lot of natural remedies as an option for prostate enlargement treatment. Although they may not offer a complete cure, you can take them to control and symptoms and arrest the growth.

Beta-sitosterol: Many people are using Beta-Sitosterol to as a prostate enlargement treatment option. It is a mixture collected from various plants and contains cholesterol-like substances known as Sitosterols. A good number of research studies have shown that Beta-Sitosterol is capable of relieving urinary symptoms involved with BPH and it strengthens the urine flow effectively. This natural remedy does not invite any side effects.

Rye grass pollen extract: Three types of grass pollen are used to make rye grass pollen extracts and they include corn, timothy, and rye. It has been found out that this extract is a good option for improving the symptoms of prostate enlargement. It is available in a supplement form, and you can use it to prevent the need for getting up during the night to go to the bathroom. It also allows you to urinate fully, and you do not have to worry about any urine left in the bladder after the urination.

Saw palmetto: Saw palmetto can be described as an herbal remedy and it is taken from a specific type of palm tree. Traditional medicines have been making use of saw palmetto for centuries to treat urinary symptoms, especially as a prostate enlargement treatment option. It has also been found out that this herbal remedy is highly effective to relieve the symptoms associated with BPH. You need to realize that saw palmetto is extremely safe and there is no need to worry about any side effects.

Pygeum: Pygeum is taken from the bark of the African plum tree. Traditional methods have been making use of Pygeum for addressing urinary problems. BPH symptoms can also be treated with the help of this natural remedy. The experts are of the opinion that it can be combined with other herbal remedies to control the tendency of frequent urination often linked with prostate enlargement. The most remarkable aspect is that Pygeum is safe for almost all people but it can cause small stomach upset in certain people.

Stinging nettle: The stinging nettle has become one of the most popular options for addressing the symptoms of prostate enlargement. A large number of people are using stinging nettle as a medicine to prevent various types of health disorders. If you want to moderate the symptoms of BPH, you can make use of nettle root and it can be blended with other remedies to enjoy sustainable results. You can combine it with saw palmetto and Pygeum and only minor side effects can be associated with this herbal remedy.

Proper diet control delivers good results as prostate enlargement treatment options
It is a very critical aspect when it comes to treating prostate enlargement. It does not mean that specific types of foods help you cure this health problem. However, following a healthy diet can offer good results. If you take vegetables that are loaded with zinc and vitamin C, you can control the symptoms of the enlargement of prostate gland and these types of vegetables are also highly effective for managing BPH symptoms. Alcohol consumption in moderation can also bring some positive results.

As a part of prostate enlargement treatment, doctors advise patients to use a combination of 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor and alpha blocker and this combination therapy has been found really effective in most patients. There is also a procedure called TUNA treatment and it makes use of high frequency radio waves for burning a particular region of the prostate.