5 best portable ultrasound machines


Portable ultrasound systems have helped make a complex diagnosis simple and easy. These devices are accurate, easy to transport, and able to generate high-quality images. Nonetheless, there are a ton of great options available in the market that may make it hard for you to take a pick. So, to make it easy for you to choose, we have put together a list of the top five best portable ultrasound systems of 2021.

Philips CX50
The CX50 system is equipped with a high-resolution monitor that helps generate superior-quality pictures. Its compact design and travel-friendly case ensure seamless transportation, while its wireless DICOM gives room for flexibility. It has various assessment capabilities and applications, including cardiovascular, anesthesia, and general imaging. Moreover, it is equipped with a SmartExam feature that reduces the need for exam time by 50%.

Mindray M6
Mindray M6 is lightweight and compact, making it very easy to travel with it. Its sharp and clear image display increases the efficiency of its applications and features that including cardiovascular, general imaging, and women’s care. Its iNeedle™ feature allows a more detailed biopsy, and the iStation™ features help to archive, retrieve and manage patient information. Moreover, you can also switch between modes using a single key.

Esaote MyLab™ Sigma
The Esaote MyLab™ Sigma has various imaging technologies, including 3D-4D and Color Doppler mode, that help provide clear and accurate images for accurate analysis. Monitoring is more accessible because of its ergonomic, high-end LCD screen. Moreover, its compact size and laptop-like design help make transportation manageable. This system supports various applications, including some OB/GYN and cardiovascular.

GE Vivid iq
Managing the GE Vivid iq is almost effortless because of its portability and convenience. It is also equipped with a touchscreen and intuitive control panel features that make it easy to use. Its advanced image processing capability and computational power help provide images in high resolution. A variety of functionalities can be carried out using this machine, including vascular, abdominal, and transcranial applications.

Sonosite Edge II
This machine features a super easy interface that helps professionals navigate the system quickly. It also has a silicone keyboard that makes cleaning and disinfecting seamless. It is fast and gets ready to scan from a cold start within 25 seconds. It is also super durable because of its strong metal jacket design. It has many features that help acquire diagnostic insights across areas like anesthesiology, emergency medicine, and orthopedics.