13 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Dark Circles

Home Remedies

Everybody has seen the occurrence of dark circles at one point or the other in their life. Now, what exactly are these dark circles? It is a condition where the skin under the eyes of an individual gets pigmented. Dark circles do not pose any serious threat to one’s health. However, they are believed to be aesthetically displeasing and may lead to low self-confidence.

While the cause of these dark circles is often not dangerous, however, if these are persistent, there might be a serious ailment behind. The skin under the eyes is very fragile, because of which dark circles are prominent specifically in that area. The reason behind their appearance range from nonserious issues such as inadequate sleep, excessive consumption of alcohol, stress, allergies, old age to severe ones such as periorbital cellulitis, hyperthyroidism, and liver ailment. Dark circles may also be inherited from one’s parents.

It is an arduous task to heal these dark circles. Hence, it becomes essential to have an improved lifestyle to prevent their development. The different ways in which dark circles can be treated are as follows:

Potato juice – Yes, potatoes are not only meant for eating but also for healing purposes. Placing a cloth dipped in the juice of raw potatoes on the eyes for a few minutes daily makes this an effective dark circle treatment option.

Slices of cucumber – Cucumbers are refreshing and known for their water content. Chilled cucumber slices, when placed on the eyes, provide a cooling effect, and these are also a great dark circle treatment option.

Tea bags – This is an age old tried and tested remedy. The tea bags used to make your favorite green tea can be refrigerated and used as one of the dark circle treatments.

Meditation – Insomnia is one of the major reasons behind the occurrence of dark circles. Meditation is essential to fight away stress and depression which are the main causes of insomnia. Meditation, as one of the most sort after dark circle treatments that help bring about peace in the body, mind, and spirit.

Treating allergies – It is essential to get treatment for any medical problems or allergies. A migraine is one condition that can result in recurring dark circles. It is, therefore, necessary to get timely medication for the same; this would help in treating dark circles in time.

Have a balanced diet – Having a healthy diet can work wonders to reduce the impact of dark circles. Increase the intake of iron under the guidance of a doctor combined with Vitamin C for better absorption. It enhances blood supply to the area under the eyes. Also, avoid overconsumption of salt.

Cosmetic surgery – If home remedies take too much time to heal dark circles, you can opt for laser surgeries. These are mostly used to get rid of excessive melanin and puffiness under the eyes. However, these are expensive and may have certain side effects.

Skin injections – While laser surgeries last for an extended period, skin injections are effective only for approximately six months. These filler injections come with their own set of problems and should only be used as the last resort. It is advisable to take the following general precautions to avoid the problem in the first place.

Don’t rub your eyes – The first rule is to avoid aimless rubbing of eyes. The skin in that region is delicate and can get easily damaged. The more you rub your eyes, the more are the chances of dark circles recurring. Therefore, avoiding rubbing of your eyes can also be considered as one of the dark circle treatments.

Avoid using excessive makeup – Although makeup is used to hide the dark spots, too much application of the same can do more harm than good. If applied, it should be removed softly with the use of a cleanser.

Use effective eye gear – The skin under the eyes is more prone to pigmentation when you’re out in the sun. It is a good idea to use a sunscreen with high SPF and sunglasses that are UV protectant.

Alter your sleeping style – If you sleep on your stomach, it is better to switch to an alternate position. This can prevent the accumulation of fluid under the eyes, thereby reducing puffiness. It is also important to have a timely sleeping schedule.

Reduce the intake of alcohol and smoking – Alcohol causes dehydration while smoking catalyzes the aging process. An effort should be made to end their consumption as it aggravates the problem of dark circles. However, it should be done in a phased manner to avoid painful withdrawal symptoms.

Although different kinds of remedies are available for dark circle treatments, it is always better to prevent their sudden appearance. Once developed, it takes a combination of treatments to heal them. Effort and time should be invested when trying out dark circle treatment options. If the problem continues, visit a doctor at the earliest.