10 Tips to Remove Under-Eye Bags


People tend to develop black holes and spots under the eyes after a certain age. This happens as the fat which is present as a support to the eye moves to the lower eyelid. This makes the eyelid puffy, and sometimes fluid accumulates below the eye, which also adds to this swelling.

Removing bags under the eyes is easy with the natural remedies. Here are some tips to help you easily remove the bags under the eyes.

Take care of allergies
A person who is allergic to any condition knows well as to when the allergy will flare up. Some natural remedies can be tried to avoid this condition. This includes the use of essential oil for removing allergies. If you use these essential oils on a regular basis, the eye bag formation does not take place.

Use salt sparingly
The use of salt is normally related to the development of high blood pressure. Sodium present in the salt can, however, lead to retention of fluid. This further leads to puffiness in the area surrounding the eyes. Therefore, to remove bags under the eyes, soil intake has to be limited. Foods which have a high content of salt as pizza and soups should ideally be avoided.

You may increase the intake of fresh vegetables like celery, which will, over a period help in curbing the desire for consumption of salt.

Correct sleep posture
If you sleep on the back, it will prevent the gravitational forces from letting the fluid building up around the eye region. An extra pillow can also be put under the head. If the sleep posture is correct, it will definitely help to remove bags under the eyes, if these have already formed.

Remove the makeup
Irritation in the eye area can also persist in case the makeup is not removed. If the makeup is not removed before sleeping it will lead to watery eyes and this will cause some puffiness around the eyes.

Removing the makeup before hitting the bed will also lead to the removal of bags under the eyes, in case these have already been formed.

Limit the use of alcohol
It is a common fact that consumption of excess alcohol dehydrates the body and skin. The delicate area around the eye will sink and become dark if consumption of alcohol is not limited.

In case you are not able to give up alcohol completely, it is advised that the consumption of alcohol is limited to one glass on a daily basis. A person who drinks alcohol on a daily basis should also drink sufficient water.

Limiting the use of alcohol also has a direct effect on the bags under the eyes as the skin around the eyes will glow as the area will remain hydrated.

Quit smoking
If you smoke cigarettes, it will dry out the skin and will weaken the skin around the face. This also leads to premature aging as the toxins present in the cigarettes can cause irritation in the eyes.

This leads to dark circles or under-eye bags and will give a sunken appearance to the face. Giving up the cigarettes will definitely help to remove the bags under the eyes.

Try using a cold compress
If under-eye bags persist for a long period, using a cold compress is a good idea. This not only reduces the puffiness under the eyes but also proves to be relaxing as it helps in maintaining the youthful look.

Using cucumber slices and damp tea bags in the affected areas will also help in reducing the puffiness in the eye area.

Avoid the sunshine
Wrinkles appear around the eyes when a person remains in strong sunlight for a longer duration. This causes dehydration of the skin and leads to the formation of bags under the eyes.

Use a homemade sunscreen or UV protected sunglasses if you need to venture out in strong sunshine. Avoiding direct contact with the sun is a good way to remove bags under eyes if they have already formed.

Use a concealer
Dark circles and bags under the eyes can be hidden through the use of a concealer. This concealer can be made at home and can be made to match the skin tone. Applying gently it to the skin will make the area soft and eventually the eye bags if they have formed will be removed.

Include collagen in the diet
Collagen, which is the most prominent and abundant protein in the body also helps in removing the eye bags. Increasing the collagen level in the diet will also help in soothing the skin and keep the eyes healthy.

The consumption of chicken supplements in the diet should be increased as it boosts protein production which leads to removal of bags under the eyes and gives a natural and glowing look to the person.