10 Popular and Effective Remedies for Constipation

Home Remedies

The rising pace of sedentary lifestyle has brought with it a baggage of medical conditions which are weakening the human immune system. Many times, people tend to self-medicate their health issues thereby worsening their situation. One of the common health conditions found today is constipation. Exposure to fast food, lack of proper meal, an unhealthy lifestyle is all responsible for rising cases of constipation. Recent research has notified that people belonging to the age group of 20 to 27 suffer from constipation. When suffering from constipation, it is always advisable to consult a doctor and here are a few home remedies for constipation one can try to suffice the situation till you visit the clinic.

We all are aware that lemon is high in vitamins and its citric value and numerous medical benefits. Mix a spoonful of lemon juice in a glass of warm water and consume it on an empty stomach. The citric elements of the lemon help in flushing out harmful toxins, thereby cleaning the digestive tract. In addition, it also helps smoothen the digestive process. This makes it one of the most popular remedies for constipation.

Doctors have always advised that a human body needs to have minimum eight to ten glasses or at least four liters of water on a daily basis not just to keep themselves hydrated but also to strengthen the immune system. If you are suffering from constipation, then ensure that your water consumption is high. Water, being one of the best remedies for constipation, ensures to clean harmful elements from the digestive system and streamlines the intestinal functioning.

Ginger or mint tea
Go healthy by opting for something that is not only energizing but also good for the stomach. Ginger and mint have its own medicinal benefits which help keep constipation at bay. The heat element in ginger helps generate more heat in the digestive system and quickens digestion. Mint, on the other hand, has a cooling effect which soothes the digestive tract. This makes the combination of these ingredients as one of the best remedies for constipation.

Fruits and vegetables
A fruit a day always keeps the doctor away is a thing one needs to implement in routine life if you are suffering from constipation. Fruits and vegetables are high on natural fiber content and help in keeping your digestion in order. In addition to this, fruits and vegetables are high on water content and hence also keep you hydrated. These foods are one of the most popular remedies for constipation as they help keep your stomach full and avoid odd time hunger pangs.

Sesame seeds
The body is a machine and it needs its oiling too to keep its mechanism in order. Sesame seeds are high in natural digestive oil content and help in keeping the intestines moisturized and avoid dry stools. If a direct intake is a pain, sprinkle a few seeds on your salad and consume them to avoid constipation.

Coffee is a natural energizer plus has numerous medical elements if taken in right proportions. Coffee helps stimulate the colon thereby easing the digestion process. Make sure to limit it to one or two cups a day, as an excess of coffee will worsen your condition.

Raisins consist of tartaric acid which is a natural laxative and beneficial for people suffering from constipation. People who regularly consume raisins have their digestive system in control. Raisins help ease the digestive process thereby making itself one of the best remedies for constipation. Eat it raw or add it to low-fat yogurt and consume as required.

Castor oil
One of the finest remedies for all stomach issues, especially dry stools is castor oil. A certain element in the oil helps stimulate the large and small intestines. Castor oil creates a lining of the intestines to ensure smooth flow of digestion as well as an easy passing of stools.

Regular exercise
If you love being a couch potato, then you are inviting trouble for your body. To earn a healthy body one needs to not only concentrate on a diet but also ensure to exercise regularly. If you are not a gym person then a brisk walk of twenty minutes is enough to keep you healthy and happy. Exercise releases muscle strain both externally and internally thereby being effective remedies for constipation.

Go the fizzy way
Baking soda has medicinal profits especially if you are suffering from constipation. Half teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of warm water will help keep stomach churns at bay. Constipation brings with it extreme abdominal pain which can be sufficed with the help of baking soda. The fizzy elements in baking soda help to flush out harmful toxins from the colon thereby facilitating bowel movements.

Constipation is a serious medical issue and hence needs to be catered to at the earliest. Ignorance of the same may lead to serious medical conditions. In addition to this, avoid opting for self-medication as they would hamper your health in the longer run. These natural remedies for constipation will help to keep constipation at bay.