10 best protein drinks ideas


Proteins are the essential need of a human body. The best protein drinks contain high source of high energy, which helps in improving the immune system and maintain a healthy body. The human body is made up of different compositions of protein, which takes part in many body processes.

In the every age, a person needs a set a limit of protein, which the human body can’t produce by own. The outer source of protein completes these needs and makes you energetic. The deficiency of the essential proteins can make you ill and low. Moreover, it also affects the immune system.

When it comes to the outer source of proteins, you can get it from grains and dairy products. You can complete your protein needs by following right diet. But, apart from the food, you can also go for the protein drinks. Yes, it is also an easy way to fulfill your protein needs and it is a tasty way as well.

In the busy lifestyle, no one has time to eat proper and healthy diet, Most of the people rely on packaged and cooked food. This kind of diet never gives the proper nutrition and they miss the essential proteins, which work to make their body strong. Resulting, many issues raise like- poor health, low immunity, and fatigue.

If you are the one, who also don’t have enough time to take care of your daily diet, then you can try best protein drinks. They will make you energetic all day long and maintain your good health as well. You can find thousands of brands claiming to be the best protein drinks product in the market, which promise to give the best quality drinks. But, you cannot rely on all of them. You can avoid all the hassle and try some natural and homemade protein drinks, which are really easy to make and can be made ready in less than 10 minutes. And, it will assure you that you are consuming only the natural supplements without including any artificial element.

Here are some natural drinks ideas that you can try at your home.

Almond coconut milkshake-

Almonds are the rich source of protein, which helps in growth and development. You can get a rich amount of protein by this milk shake. For preparing this drink, you need 10-15 almonds, ½ cup dried coconut, 1 table spoon honey, and 2 cups milk.

First, put all almonds and coconut in a bowl and soak overnight in water. Take the soaked nuts and coconut in the blender, add milk and honey in it and blend for 5 minutes to make it thick. The shake is ready now; serve it in your favorite glass. Put some ice cubes to chill it.

Banana smoothie-

Smoothies are the best idea for protein drinks. It can be consumed as both post and pre workout protein drink. Banana contains a high amount of protein, which really works in developing muscles and make them perfect. You just need 4 small bananas, 1 cup yogurt, 1 tea spoon honey for sweetness.

Cut 4 small bananas into small pieces, put it into a blender add honey, yogurt and a small amount of water to mix all ingredients well. Now, blend it for 4-5 minutes. Sprinkle cocoa powder and enjoy the amazing healthy smoothie.

Mango shake-

Although it might not be the best source of protein, it can certainly be used as a pre-workout drink which is good in taste as well. You can add bananas to make it healthier. You need 3 fresh mangoes, 1 table spoon honey, and 1 cup yogurt or milk according to your wish.

Peel all the mangoes, and cut into small pieces. Now, put it into a blender and add all ingredients. Blend this for 2 to 3 minutes to make it thick. Serve it with crushed ice and enjoy this tasty taste of this shake.

Oatmeal apple almond butter shake-

The phytonutrients substance of apple is good for controlling blood sugar level and improving blood flow. For preparing this shake you just need 3 table spoon oatmeal, 1 apple, and 2 cups milk.

First, peel the apple and cut into fine pieces to blend perfectly. Now put all the ingredients in a blender and blend it until it gets thick. You add sugar or honey according to your taste. Place the shake in a fridge and make it cool for 15 minutes. Serve this cool shake in a glass and enjoy.

These four protein drinks idea is the best alternative of packed protein drink. All these are very easy to prepare and affordable too. So, why to spend money on packed protein drinks when you can get a fresh one at your home?