10 Beneficial Remedies for a Pain-free Body


Body pain can be caused by multiple reasons such as injuries, inflammation due to diseases such as arthritis and other such causes. Before looking for options to treat the pain, it is imperative to understand its source and reason. If you know the cause of your pain, it will help you decide which remedy is best suited for you.

Painkillers are the first options that come to our mind whenever we need quick pain relief. However, they do not work so well all the time. Sometimes our body stops responding to painkillers as it becomes habitual to them and their effect is decreased. It indicates that your pain is chronic which means that it has a history of three months or more. In such cases, it is important to let your body recover from the painkiller resistance it has created.

If you are looking for an alternative method to ease the pain, there are a lot of quick pain relief remedies available. These simple methods are easier than painkiller injections and popping medicines.

Read on to find out some amazing quick pain relief remedies.

  • Acupuncture Points For Pain Relief
    Acupuncture works on the principle of activating the pressure points in the body. It also activates certain glands and regulates bodily functions. If you have a regular episodic pain, you can learn to treat yourself using acupuncture techniques. There are multiple online resources to help you know the target points and the procedure to follow it up.
  • Exercise
    When we exercise, it doesn’t only help us maintain our physical well being, but, it also keeps our mind healthy. Regular exercise has proved to increase pain threshold. It also helps in releasing endorphins, which trick our brain into feeling less pain.
  • Heat and Cold Therapy
    If you feel sudden pangs of pain shooting through your body, you can use heat or ice therapy to calm it down and get quick pain relief. If the injury is acute, such as pain due to gout or a sudden muscle twist, an ice pack will be most effective. It will help numb the area around the painful part.
    However, if you have a back spasm or your feet hurt due to too much walking, it’s best to go for heat therapy. Use a warm compress or dip your feet in warm water to alleviate the pain.
  • Topical Gels And Pain Relief Ointments
    Topical gels contain camphor and menthol which have a cooling effect. These topical gels effectively block the nerve endings, thus giving a quick pain relief.
  • Epsom Salt Bath
    Deficiency of magnesium can lead to severe muscle contraction and muscle pain. Epsom salt contains high quantity of magnesium, which can be absorbed through the skin easily. Take a bath with Epsom salt mixed with warm water to get a soothing relief from muscle pains.
  • Massage
    Massaging the painful muscles can help you relax and remove any blockages in the blood vessels around the affected area. It also helps to increase the blood flow towards the painful part of the body.
    A good massage will not only freshen you up but will also relieve any soreness in the body due to muscle tension.
  • Stretching
    If the reason for pain is muscle tension, a good way to alleviate your pain is to engage in gentle stretching. It is an effective way to regulate blood circulation in the affected area and to calm sore muscles.
    Be careful while stretching as incorrectly done poses can do more harm than good. Try to soften your movements and do not pull any muscles in the wrong manner.
  • Garlic
    Garlic is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Regular intake of garlic can reduce pain and give you quick relief. Have at least five to six cloves a day, either in your food or by taking raw garlic with water. Garlic paste is also an effective remedy for gout pain.
  • Turmeric
    Turmeric has been used by Indians in their food since ancient times. It has high medicinal value. Turmeric milk is one of the most common remedies used by Indians to help treat sore muscles and get permanent pain relief.
  • Ginger
    Ginger is an analgesic, and it has anti-inflammatory properties. For arthritis patients who experience severe joint pains, a regular dosage of ginger is important for pain management. It calms down inflamed muscles provides relief. A regular dose of ginger can act as a remedy for when pain strikes as well as a preventive measure so that it does not happen again.
    The ginger paste can also be used as a topical medicine for quick pain relief. Just put on ginger paste over the affected area to relieve inflammation. Alternatively, you can boil some ginger in a glass of water, strain and drink this concoction a couple of times in a day to relieve your pain.

There are endless remedies for quick pain relief. However, if the pain persists, consult a doctor for the best treatments for you.