10 Amazing Home Remedies for Treating Shingles

Home Remedies

Shingles or the red patchy marks on the skin characterized by an intense pain can bring extreme discomfort to anyone. Also known as Herpes Zoster, this is caused by the Varicella Zoster virus, which remains dormant in almost every human being. It is the same virus, which is responsible for causing chicken pox in kids also sometimes in adults. This is why the symptoms of these diseases are quite similar. If not cared for at the initial stage, shingles can cause unbearable itchiness as well as pain. Some patients also complain of light sensitivity, fever, fatigue, headache, and body pain.

Irrespective of the symptoms, shingles remedies are available. While some patients prefer over-the-counter medicines, others opt for home remedies. Some of the useful home remedies for shingles are as follows:

Apple cider vinegar – You are really lucky if you have this at home as it is one of the most effective and popular shingles remedies. Just dab some cotton in this astringent and put it in the affected region to relieve the pain. Ensure that the skin is not peeled up. While this reduces the pain, applying this liquid twice a day can help you get a complete cure from this skin infection. You can also mix apple cider vinegar with any juice or water and drink it every day to get cured from within.

Make a paste of baking soda and cornstarch – Mix two parts of cornstarch or baking soda in a cup of water to form a paste. The quantity of the paste can be varied depending on the size of the affected area. Once you make the paste, apply it on the affected area at least twice a day and leave it for around 15 minutes before washing it with cold water.

Honey – Many of you may not know that honey work wonders on the blisters caused by shingles. It heals the affected skin and helps it to revive gradually to the normal condition. All you need is to apply honey on the affected area and cover it with a gauge or a bandage. Keep the area covered for at least a couple of hours and practice the process regularly to obtain the desired result with this shingles remedy.

Aloe vera – These green leaves can do wonders for almost all types of skin infections. You just need to obtain aloe vera gel and apply it on the affected area. Mix aloe vera gel in equal amount with cayenne pepper and apply the paste regularly on the affected area can also offer a soothing effect.

Cold compress – Scratching the affected area can increase its occurrence further. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the area moist by applying some lotions or cream. Applying a cold compress on the shingle-affected area can also be a good choice to check the itchiness or dryness of skin.

Applying essential oils – Different types of essential oils like eucalyptus, bergamot, or lemon oil can be effective shingles remedies. However, do not apply the concentrated oil directly on the affected area. Mix the essential oils with olive oil and apply the diluted oil on the shingles. In most of the cases, essential oils help in curing shingles within a week.

Compress with lemon balm – Take a cup of oil and a tablespoon of lemon balm. Heat it till it dries and allow it to reach normal temperature. Once done, take a towel to compress the area with lemon balm. A simple hot compress is also recommended to soothe the area if you cannot find lemon balm handy. This can also be an effective shingles remedy.

Acetone or nail enamel remover – In case you cannot find any of the items mentioned above, you can always trust the nail enamel remover or acetone, which is easily available. Just dip a cotton plug in acetone and apply it on the affected area. Though it will initially cause a burning sensation, it will gradually sooth the area. Acetone also helps in curing the condition by removing the dead skin cells.

Green tea – While it is important to keep the shingle-affected area moistened to prevent irritation, you also need to heal yourself from within. Drinking four to six cups of green tea every day can help in killing the virus from within and is one of the most popular shingles remedies; you may find better results in just a few days.

Dietary changes – As it has been said that the virus causing shingles remain dormant in the human body. In several cases, it has been found that people with a poor immune system often fall prey to this virus. Therefore, it is recommended to make some dietary changes. Increase the intake of yellow fruits including orange in your diet. Also include leafy vegetables, legumes, chicken, and eggs in your diet. Making these necessary dietary changes can be effective shingles remedies.

With proper shingles remedies, it can be easily cured within a week or two. In case there is no improvement with the above-mentioned home remedies, you need to consult a doctor for treatment.