10 Amazing Dry Skin Lotions to Watch out for This Winter


Winter and dry air cause the surface of our skin to become flaky and extremely itchy. Thanks to the availability of various body butter, effective moisturizers, and best dry skin lotions, our scaly, dehydrated, and dry lizard skin can be healed efficiently. While there are many dry skin lotions available in the market, it is essential to know the key contents of the cream to ensure a well-hydrated skin. Additionally, you must choose wisely between a face and body moisturizer to get your hands on the best dry skin lotions available. Here’s a list of some of the best dry skin lotions to watch out for.

Arbu Black Caviar Cream
While many hydrating agents in the markets claim to treat dry skin efficiently, they contain chemicals that may be too harsh for your sensitive skin. Many experts, therefore, consider organic products to be one of the best dry skin lotions for dehydrated skin. Arbu black caviar cream is one such organic product that boasts of containing at least 86% natural ingredients. The cream is known to give you a youthful glow and restore skin moisture, especially for 35 plus individuals. What makes this moisturizing cream one of the best dry skin lotions is its nourishing ingredients that include jasmine oils, rose extracts, caviar extracts, and the like.

Green People Nurture Body Cream
While it is crucial to target dry skin on the face, it is also a necessity to heal damaged or dry skin on the body. Since dry skin can develop on extremities, legs, palms, and lips, people often buy the best dry skin lotions for the body and face. While this is the best thing to do, many all-purpose body creams are made for both the face and body. One such all body solution includes Green people nurture body cream that comes with the best organic contents like olive extracts and shea butter. What’s more? This cream is the best dry skin lotion that suits all skin type.

MuLondon Rose, Rosehip, and Rosemary Cream
This is another product which is best known for its replenishing organic agents like coconut butter, shea, rosemary, and rosehip extracts. This cream is an excellent antioxidant that gives your skin the necessary freshness and radiance it deserves.

Kahina Giving Beauty Eye Cream
If you are someone who experiences extreme dryness around the eyes along with noticeable puffiness, this dry skin lotion is dedicated to treating the sensitive skin around the eyes. The skin near the eyes is relatively more prone to dryness and is often neglected. This wholly natural formula is safe for the eyes and helps repair puffiness instantly.

Pure Skin Food White Chocolate Body Mousse
Pure skin food with chocolate mousse is one of the most luxurious dry skin lotion that is best known for its hydrating contents that leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and just so fresh. This product ranks high among the best dry skin lotions that naturally moist dry and dehydrated winter skin. The lotion is formulated with a combination of essential oils and nourishing seeds that help keep the skin glowing all throughout the cold months.

Therapy Moisturizing Cream
This lotion is the best skin care therapeutic moisturizers that fix broken and dehydrated skin rather effectively. The lotion works very efficiently toward repairing the skin cells. The cream contains the goodness of oatmeal along with several other skin moisturizing agents. What’s best? The lotion is suitable for all skin types including that of babies.

Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Lotion
This best-selling dry skin product is not only super effective but also very affordable. The cream has the richness of vitamin E and essential oils that effectively treats dehydrate skin very well. The best part about using this cream daily is that you can stay protected from chapped skin without the fear of getting sudden flare-ups. The formula is non-greasy and fit for everyday use.

Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream
This mild hydrating solution cream has no harmful chemicals as it is specifically manufactured for those with super dry and sensitive skin. The cream is one of the most effective solutions that naturally smoothens dryness and helps you stay protected from the dead skin for several hours. What makes it to one of the best dry skin lotions is its gentle formula that keeps the skin healthy and non-greasy for long.

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream
This dry skin solution what millions of dry skin victims have sworn by. In case of seasonal dryness, this is the most recognized solution that penetrates the deep within the skin to thoroughly repair it. Some of the most nourishing ingredients in this cream include hyaluronic acid, agent, glycerin, and ceramides.